I was feeling hungry that day, but I never imagined that I could end up like I did. Knowing all the stuff that I know today, next time I will be more careful.

If you’re here thinking: ‘how can someone eat that much!! 🤯’ I’m sorry to tell you that the title was just clickbait. (Although I do actually eat a lot of cookies )

In this post, I’m going to show how cookies on internet sites have gone wild.

I’m not new to cookies nor privacy issues on the internet, but a few days ago I was surprised when I accidentally saw how many cookies outlook was using when I opened my email.

I’m not saying that cookies count has a direct relation with privacy. But I’m surprised at how many each site ends up installing.

Some context before I post the screenshots:

  • I live in Europe, so the GDPR banners are shown on almost every site and I accepted the default cookie options.
  • I was logged in to some sites.
  • It took me 5 minutes to enter all those sites, and cookies count adds up to 602

Here’s the list, ordered from biggest to smallest (screenshots below list):

# site Cookies installed Screenshot
1 Outlook 57 👑👑 cookies-outlook
2 Buzzfeed 53 cookies-buzzfeed
3 Gmail 39 cookies-gmail
4 Trello 30 cookies-trello
5 Upwork 29 cookies-upwork
6 Amazon 28 cookies-gmail
7 AWS 28 cookies-aws
8 LinkedIn 27 cookies-linkedin
9 Airbnb 26 cookies-airbnb
10 Apple 24 cookies-apple
11 TechCrunch 22 cookies-techcrunch
12 YouTube 22 cookies-youtube
13 Meetup 22 cookies-meetup
14 Spotify 21 cookies-spotify
15 Cnet 20 cookies-cnet
16 Twitter 19 cookies-twitter
17 Atlassian 19 cookies-atlassian
18 MSN 17 cookies-msn
19 Yahoo 16 cookies-yahoo
20 DigitalOcean 16 cookies-digitalocean
21 Google 16 cookies-google
22 Github 16 cookies-github
23 Instagram 15 cookies-instagram
24 Facebook 12 cookies-facebook
25 dev.to 4 cookies-dev-to
26 HackerNews 3 cookies-hackernews
27 GetAdvice 1 (this is my site. I had to do it, sorry 😇) cookies-get-advice

And here’s a list of some of my favorites cookies, just in case some gets hungry:

Name Link Pic
Alfajorcitos Jorgito https://alittletaste.com/products/jorgito-alfajorcitos Alfajorcitos Jorgito
Chocolinas https://alittletaste.com/products/bagley-chocolinas-chocolate-cookies Chocolinas
Melba https://alittletaste.com/products/terrabusi-melba-galletitas Melba
Don Satur Salados https://alittletaste.com/products/don-satur-bizcochos-salados Don Sturn Salado
Rumba https://alittletaste.com/products/bagley-rumba-chocolate-cookies-with-coconut-filling Rumba
Don Satur Dulce https://alittletaste.com/products/don-satur-bizcochos-dulces-argentinian-sweet-biscuits Don Satur Dulce

Photo credits: https://www.pexels.com/@leigh-patrick-14477